13 thoughts on “Treated Unfairly

  1. First off, he’s not a politician. He’s an egomaniacal pyramid scheming narcissistic charlatan. Secondly, he’s a fool. And thirdly, he’s an asshat. I sure hope those of you outside the US do not believe all of us were in favor of this clown. Believe me, the majority were not.

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  2. Folks, please, it isn’t about Donald J. Trump, it’s about the system, the 240 year old system that has governed this country since its inception. If the system of checks and balances is abandoned then only anarchy remains. I cannot imagine a future in which every unpopular politician can be turned out, not at the ballot box but at the barricades. If it can happen to him then where will it end? If the mass media and the diverse group du jour are the final arbiters of who can hold elected office then what remains of our democratic republic? I grant the pleasure at seeing a hated figurehead tossed onto the scrapheap of history but I fear that doing so will be a Pyrrhic victory of monumental proportions.

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