When 3 Become 4

I’ve shared my thoughts before about how life changes when you as a couple have your first child. When 2 become 3.

It’s a big dynamic changer, don’t you think? Suddenly your life evolves around the tiniest and youngest member of the family. You no longer have priority. Your needs are second. Add to that the exhaustion that comes along with being a first time parent and you most likely find yourself wondering how you got to the point where you are at and admit that you would have never thought you’d feel like this ever.

But then there is this abundance of love. An intensity you have not experienced before. There is a feeling of content of having arrived of realising what it’s all about. I especially remember this intense feeling of love. I have loved before. And I thought I had with all of my heart. But compared to The feeling I experienced the moment my baby boy was born it was nothing. And I realised how much empty space there was left in my heart to be filled.

Over the time when we were the 3 of us I was pretty sure that now all of my heart was taken. I was sure that there would be no more room. I was sure that the next member of our family would just be an addition. I actually felt sorry for baby number 2 as I thought there was nothing left to give even close to what I was able to give to my son.

I was wrong.

It seems like our heart adjusts to the number of people we have close to us in our life. Mainly children.

When our daughter was born I realised once more that there was still plenty of love left for me to give. Plenty of room in my heart for her to take up. But I also realised something else.

Not only experience we as parents this abundance of love for our newborn baby. Our children do too.

I still see my son when he entered the hospital room after our daughter was born. I still see the wonder and excitement in his eyes and what blew me away is seeing the love in his eyes when he finally saw her and held her in his arms. The sparkle in his eyes. The love, the pride, the warmth, the friendship, the wonder. It’s so hard to find the right words to describe it.

I know that my son in that very moment made a massive promise to his little sister. A promise to be there for her, to always protect her and to always love her.

And although they of course have their moments when we us parents think they’re about to never talk to each other, I do know that they will always be there for each other. I’ve seen the love in his eyes and I see it in hers too.

It’s one of the most beautiful things ever…

13 thoughts on “When 3 Become 4

  1. We never know how much love we can give until we have someone else to give it to. It’s like lighting a candle. The first candle loses nothing by lighting the second. The end result is more light (love).

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  2. I think it doesn’t matter how many children we have. We will always have the full amount of love for each one of them. When my daughter was born it was an unbelievable feeling of gratitude and happiness but also of appreciation of the gift of life. Caring for such a little helpless human being. Amazing. But only when my son was born I felt like we are a real family and that feeling increased when my third child was born.

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