Make The Planet Great Again!

Macron said it just perfectly fine. There is no Plan B because there is no planet B. Trump did it again. He mocks everything and everyone and simply only cares for himself. He acts like the famous elephant in the porcelain store, destroying everything on or in his way. Now he doesn’t even care about what we leave behind for our children. The ignorance is just mind blowing. He positions himself and unfortunately the USA in the same corner as Nicaragua and Syria. Coincident? Who knows. Interesting is that China and India seem to have the better understanding about the importance of looking after our planet that Trump seems to have.

Once again I wonder how people can still stand behind him. How people can still think he cares for them, that he is a true leader. He is not. A leader cares for his or her people. A leader cares for the future…

Loved the reactions of world leaders that truly belong in a leader position…


17 thoughts on “Make The Planet Great Again!

  1. I do not really do politics on my blog so much, but have my views. What amused, no saddened me most of all was the way he announced his new vision. In front of the White house talking to 50 or so puppets sitting on garden chairs who clapped and cheered in the right places. I am sure there was a guy standing on the side with a cardboard sign that he showed when they should react. I could not help thinking of Kim in his North Korea, are they so different?

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    • I agree. I imagine it was all staged… And yes, I don’t think they are to different either. He is on his mission to dictatorship. Have you heard about the fact that they now require you to provide links to your social media accounts when you apply for a US visa? First thing I thought was that it will be about controlling what will be put out there about him and then refusing people to enter the country if they are not in favor of him and his actions. Once again Orwell’s Animal Farm comes to my mind…

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  2. The ignorance of the man is astounding… my only hope is that the rest of the world understands the that majority of the United States is *against* him. We don’t want him there. He’s there against our will, but short of an armed uprising, there isn’t much we can do to get him out unless the collective powers that be in Washington DC get their heads out of their rear ends and oust him from office. I honestly hope and pray it *doesn’t* come to that.

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  3. I’m so beyond dismayed. The man is soooo unfit to serve! I’ve been calling him Thug-in-Chief but yesterday added Fool-in-Chief. I replied to France’s President Macron speech and invitation that the world soon may see a steady stream of American refugees fleeing, looking for safe havens elsewhere. It’s just unbelievable and EVERY DAY it gets worse! Everyday there’s yet another bombshell dropped…and yet the man still has supporters??? I don’t get it! How can people be so BLIND???? OMG, it’s literally making me crazy. Like a train wreck that you can’t look away from, I’m watching and reading politics all day long and wonder: how?? How can people stand behind this egomanical narcissist who’s main goal seems to be to take our country back to the 1950s?? All of the unqualified inexperienced people he has put in place in his Cabinet is another mind-blower. How can these people get confirmed? And the GOP leaders that still back him: How is that possible??? I don’t get it. It seems like every day I’m shooting letters off to my senators begging them to do something already, to stop the madness. What is it going to take to wake these people up???
    Pulling my hair out over here… I need a Xanax or something… 🙂
    Oh Lord, I have to go watch a movie and get lost in something before my mind explodes…
    Thanks for letting me sound off…

    Michele at Angels Bark
    @greyzoned on Twitter

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      • You would be surprised how many people think he’s doing a great job. I’m like WHAT???? How can you think that? He has a cult following…and I honestly can’t stomach being around anyone who supports him. It’s unimaginable. Never in a million years did I think I would ever see something so outrageous as this Administration. God help us!

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      • Actually his approval rating is steady. Half the country agrees with his view. We have to remember that each half of the country has a different outlook, and those who felt like Obama was the crazy destroying the country every day are now happy – and vice versa.

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  4. This is getting out of hand. I’m really starting to wonder if It is truly insane. It is an asshat of epic proportions. Please, anyone reading this outside of the US, understand that most of us can’t stand It. I’ve heard talk of impeachment, but It no. 2 (Pence) is worse, if you can believe that. Midterm elections can’t get here soon enough. Hopefully, people will remove these crazy ass right wing nut bags from Congress and tie Its hands and prevent more of this nonsensical policy. This whole charade is getting out of hand.

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  5. I feel it is time we stop following and relying on leaders and lead by our own actions to do everything possible to think alternatively, change age old traditions and processes, remove boundaries and labels. We are all humans who live on earth – one species, one planet and it is the only planet we have so together we will save it.

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