Questions I think Nobody Ever Asks 2

A little while back (actually a year back already) I posted 35 questions I thought nobody would ever ask after having read 100 Questions Nobody Ever Asks. It was a lot of fun reading your answers or comments back then and I figured I will see if I can come up with 35 additional questions to ask you guys. Can’t wait for your answers!

Before you continue reading remember that they might be awkward as they are questions I would most likely never ask anybody just like that…

  1. Are you drooling when brushing your teeth?
  2. How often do you clean your bathroom?
  3. Do you ever scratch your bum or you know what…?
  4. Do you smell your own armpits?
  5. How long do you go till you wash your hair?
  6. How often do you shower?
  7. Have you ever pooed and then realized you had not toilet paper?
  8. If you run out of toilet paper what would you use to clean your bum?
  9. What’s the silliest way you spend money?
  10. Do you feel like the tourist nobody wants to have around when you are on vacation?
  11. Do you misbehave when you are on vacation (thinking spring break crazy)?
  12. Have you ever vomited over someone’s shoes?
  13. Did you ever get so drunk that you couldn’t remember a single thing?
  14. What do people really dislike about you?
  15. Is there something you tend to ignore in regards to your spouse?
  16. Do you snore?
  17. Does your partner snore?
  18. How does it make you feel when you hear snoring?
  19. What do you do with ear wax?
  20. Do you play with your buggers?
  21. Do you check out your napkin after blowing your nose?
  22. When you drop food, do you eat it still?
  23. When you see a person that you find gross while on the beach, what do you do?
  24. Do you like to be touched?
  25. Do you ask people how old they are?
  26. What do you think of people who have more than 6 kids?
  27. Have you ever told someone to pluck their eyebrows?
  28. Have you kids ever asked inappropriate questions?
  29. Have you ever asked a stranger where they live?
  30. Did you ever pee on someones fence or next to someone’s house?
  31. Have you ever watched someone while they were… well, you know…
  32. When you are at the gym, do you check out other people there?
  33. While at the gym, do you wipe your equipment after using it?
  34. Do you sweat a lot?
  35. Do you sometimes put deodorant on instead of showering?


28 thoughts on “Questions I think Nobody Ever Asks 2

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  3. Thankfully, many of those questions do not apply to me. I’m old and retired, so I don’t have smelly sweat and don’t have to check it out. Any question about children would require me to go back so far in a time warp that I would be dizzy. I grew up in the southern part of the US and know better than to ask people awkward questions. I never go to the beach or the gym. As to snoring, I don’t know about the present. Many years ago, the night before I was going in for surgery, my children told me I snored. What a timely gift that was! As soon as I woke after the operation, I tried to stay awake so I wouldn’t snore. It’s a wonder I recovered and lived to tell about it.

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