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How awesome is it if a blogger answers your questions and then puts up an entire list of questions herself? Great, right? So here are Pressing Patience’s questions and my answers. It’s been fun 🙂

Do you have a “before bed” ritual that you do, well… before going to bed? If so, how long have you had this ritual? How uncomfortable are you if you cannot, for some reason, perform it?
Just cleaning my face and brushing my teeth. Other than that I don’t have a ritual. I don’t feel super uncomfortable if for whatever reason I can’t do this but I for sure feel better if my face gets a clean and my teeth too.

Does sleeping in someone else’s space make you uneasy? or can you sleep anywhere?
I can sleep pretty much anywhere. Maybe because I often had to sleep in hotels due to the work I did years ago. So I kind of adjust easily. The things that make me struggle to sleep well are soft mattresses or pillows that are too soft.

Where is the strangest place you’ve spent the night? How well did you sleep there, if at all?
I don’t think there has ever been a strange place I spent the night. Maybe the strangest thing was when a colleague (male) and I were mistakenly booked into the same room. Sometimes they had two guys or two girls share rooms together in order to keep costs down, which was never a problem. That time though they messed it up and as we were the last one to check in due to the long work day there was only one room left. I got to the point where I said to the guy (I knew him for a long time as well and we both were in relationships at that point) that it wouldn’t be an issue to share the room for the one night and then move the next day to different rooms. So we agreed on it and then went to the room where we found another issue waiting for us. Instead of two separate beds there was one king size bed in there. I still don’t know what people thought when they booked the team in but we managed to share the room and the bed without any issues. So yes, you can spend the night in bed with a guy without anything happening…

When you were a child, did you have a preferred blanket or toy you couldn’t sleep without?
I was smart enough to choose my thumb when I was little and as it is attached to my body I never left it behind. I needed it to fall asleep and when I then had a first sleepover it stressed me totally out. I was scared that I couldn’t fall asleep but I also didn’t wanted my friend to see that I was still sucking my thumb. It was the night I stopped and somehow it’s still a very clear memory of mine.

If you could build the perfect mattress for you, what would it be made of?
I don’t really know what it would be made of but it for sure would have to be a hard one. I really dislike soft mattresses.

Do you sleep with your bedroom door opened or closed? or does it matter?
I prefer for it to be closed but it really doesn’t matter if it’s open at home. Somewhere else though I want it to be closed. Even if it’s in an apartment we rent when vacationing.

What is the longest consecutive period of time time you’ve gone without sleep?
I think it must have been about 46 hours. I felt like a zombie… and I’m pretty sure I’ve never slept as well as I did then.

Contrarily, what’s the longest consecutive period of time you’ve slept?
16 hours maybe… it must have been the night after this long stretch of being up.

Have you been informed that you snore? or do you sleep with someone who snores? What, if anything, do you do about it?
My husband claims that I sometimes snore. But I told him that I’ve never heard it so it must not be true… 😉 My husband used to snore when his back was really bad. Ever since it’s fixed he doesn’t snore anymore unless he has a bad cold but then it’s not really snoring just the stuffy nose kind of thing. When it got really bad I woke him and he changed position and then it was all okay. I actually never woke up because of someone snoring so once I sleep I don’t really hear it anymore.

Everyone dreams, it’s a scientific fact, but do you — in general — remember your dreams?
On and off. Most of the time I do. Sometimes I have dreams that really get to me, good and bad ones, and that feel much more intense than others. They’re the kind of dreams that freak you out to the point where you keep thinking about it for hours and hours. Or even days.

Do you think that the dreams you remember are significant in any way?
I think that dreams and subconsciousness are related to each other. So what we deal with in our dreams are either memories delivered in a different way, fears, hopes, dreams. Maybe it’s also a story we’ve watched on TV or read about. What does get me are those very vivid dreams. And when I have them this is why I then can’t just forget about them that easily, as I wonder what the significance is.

How difficult/easy is it for you to go to sleep once you lie down at night? and/or wake up once you get out of bed?
I can fall asleep pretty easily normally. There are the odd days when I simply can’t though. Most of the time they are in relation to full moon or to the fact that I had a strong coffee too late in the day.

Have you ever had an episode of sleep paralysis?
Never and I for sure hope I will never get to experience it.

Do you wear bedclothes of any kind? or do you prefer to be au naturel when slipping under the covers?
Most of the time I sleep in a long T-shirt or in pjs.

If you have pets — cats, dogs, and the like — do they share your sleeping space or is it a “humans only” area?
Well, that’s a bit of a tricky one. As much as I’d like to keep it human only I wake up every day or sometimes in the middle of the night and feel something super hairy on my legs. It’s the one dog we have and she manages to sneak into the bed and sometimes even under the blanket every night. While both of them have their beds in our bedroom and fall asleep in their beds at one point of the night one of them (it’s the rescue one) finds its way into the bed. If I wake up I send her back down but that doesn’t happen that often.

When it comes to going to bed and waking up, are you on a schedule (bed by X up at Y) or do you just go with the flow of your body’s rhythms?
I tend to go with the flow. Which often ends in going to bed too late and then waking up too late again. I love the mornings and feel like I miss out on too much of the day if I can’t get up early. So when that happens I tend to set the alarm nice and early and force myself out of the bed in order to get my body clock to adjust again.

Have you ever had hypnagogic hallucinations?  They’re very common…
I had to look it up. I don’t really think so. It’s different to just lying in bed and then imagining to hear things. Like when I was younger and could sleep and thought that someone is stealing our horses. It was pure imagination but I actually got to the point where I got up and checked if they are still there.

Can you sleep without blankets? or must you have something covering you when you sleep?
No can do. I need a blanket. I have my feet out and when it’s warm I have my legs out. But I need a blanket over my “mid section”…

Do you need silence to sleep? white noise? or do fall in the middle and can sleep no matter what’s going on in the background?
Again I can sleep under all circumstances if tired enough. I fall asleep while a movie is on or even when there is a party in the neighborhood. The moment I focus on the noise and get annoyed about it it’s over though.

Do you have any superstitions or taboos regarding the bedroom and/or sleeping? For example, no shoes and/or hats on the bed.
I don’t like it when “people” where their cloths to bed. The ones they wore all day. I find the bed should be as “clean” as possible. So just change. That also means that I would never accept shoes in the bed.

8 thoughts on “Questions About… *The Bedroom* O_o

  1. What a wonderful series of answers you gave, a lot of the questions I would have to check up on before being able to answer them so your answers have amazed me. Bed and bedtime is something we all do, even if we just sleep on the sofa we still tend to have a routine before going to sleep.

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  2. I would drive you crazy… I generally just sleep in whatever shirt I’m wearing that day. Though I really dislike shoes on the bed. >>shudder<<

    Thanks for answering my questions! I really enjoyed your answers. ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

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