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I’m pretty sure we all used to have them, our imaginary friends. I know I had one. I used to talk to her and make plans and go on adventures that basically also only happened in my imagination. But it was wonderful. Because it was not real.

I remember when my son started chit chatting along while on walks with the dog and when I asked him if he was talking to me he was quite surprised and told me that he of course wasn’t but that he was having a conversation with Lena, Peeps and Bjorn the bear. The three of them were from a story he loved so much and became his companion. While at home he had the trio in form of stuffed animals, he just imagined to have them around while we were out.

It was wonderful to watch him have these conversations with them and how he lived in this fantasy world. It’s something I find so important for our children to have. A fantasy world. Where everything looks and behaves the way they feel would be wonderful. His world must have been warm and colorful and beautiful. He always had a smile on his face for sure.

I was never able to understand why you would tell your child to stop with imagining a different world. Why you would tell them to stop having their imaginary friends around. All of this provides them with security, it makes them feel comfortable. Especially when they are little. So I always played along. Lena, Peeps and Bjorn were invited to eat with us or of course then come along to wherever we went. Even when flying to Australia.

But eventually they left. They moved on I guess. They made room for other things to occupy his mind. And it teaches you a lesson once again: Every thing has its place and time. There is time for imaginary friends and while it might give the support needed in those moments everything will change when other things are needed. So why not go with it? Why not just let it flow?

12 thoughts on “Imaginary

  1. I always feel like i missed out because I never had an imaginary friend. I think it’s because I had a twin sister. I don’t know if that’s the reason, but I figure it must be. I mean, why invent someone when there’s someone else right there? All day… every day… whether you want them there or not? Ha! I’m kidding. I love my sister.

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