Innocent Kiss

And the media finds a new (or maybe not) victim and weird people have a feast. Why, I wonder, is it so off if a parent, not matter if mother or father, kisses their child on the lips? What can possibly be so dirty? I tell you what: The mind of people who read into it.

It doesn’t matter if you are David Beckham (or his wife): If you are a loving father or a loving mother you most likely kiss your child on the lips, unless the kid feels uncomfortable with it. It doesn’t matter how uncomfortable other people are with it, as long as you are okay and your child is there is nothing wrong with it.

Unless you were molested or unless you have a dirty mind, a dirty fantasy. And I honestly think that’s what it comes down to.

And that’s honestly what I think is the problem here and also back then when the press and people did the same witch hunt with Victoria Beckham when they had a go at her for kissing her child on the lips too. Stop making up dirty stuff that is not there. It’s nothing more than an innocent kiss between a parent and a child.

A sign of love and affection. Something that should be normal in every family. It’s just a kiss on the mouth, an innocent kiss.


10 thoughts on “Innocent Kiss

  1. I agree… sadly it’s such a sign of the times. I used to work with secondary school students and we weren’t supposed to touch them but I couldn’t ever resist a little pat on the back. Great post, thank you 💐


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