52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 31 – Empty Space


I guess it’s what happens if you return to a challenge that you have loved taking part in after a while and realize that there are a couple more of great challenges you’ve missed. So I decided to just let this one follow the one from yesterday.

Empty spaces: Something that I felt were sort of rare while living in Switzerland although there are of course plenty of them. And yet I always felt crowded. But empty spaces are everywhere. There around us and easy to find if we just keep an open mind.

Like when you sit in a plane, surrounded by hundreds of people but by simply watching out your window feel like it’s just you and the world out there. Same on your way back from work in a big city like the one we live in. When you watch the skyline with the beautiful lights on…

Or when you’re on the road with other travelers but the scenery makes you feel like you are by yourself, out there on your adventure.

When you sit in a restaurant with other diners and have a window seat overlooking the ocean. How can you possibly take the gaze off the beauty of the sea? Also while walking along a busy beach. When the scenery simply takes you in and all you manage to blend out what’s going on around you.

And even when you head to work, working for a popular event with heaps of crowds but it’s so early that nobody is around yet. You know that in a short while you will have to work your way through tons of people at the same spot but right then, in that very moment, it’s just you and the empty space.

Of course my most favorite empty space is out there, in nature. Nothing beats that…


If you like to join The Girl That Dreams Awake 52 Weeks Photo Challenge as well, here’s what to do:

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