You know what sort of ticks me off? When people talk about how severe the environmental issues are and claim that sadly they can’t do anything. I know we as individuals can’t make governments come up with stricter rules or ban stuff that clearly is toxic for the environment and us. But we can do our thing. Little by little. One step at a time. It’s easy to shove responsibility to the government. The responsibility is yours. If you want change you can have it. You can change some simple things and you will have an impact. Not only on the environment but also on what governments will do in the future.

We can sign petitions like #banthebag or simply refuse using plastic bags and alternatively use a bag made of fabric. And then reuse it. One simple step with a massive impact!

Did you know that plastic bags are used on average for 12 minutes? But they have a life expectancy of up to 1’000 years!

Don’t be lazy. Don’t forget to bring a bag. Look at what an impact that single change in your life can have. And it won’t even hurt you!


6 thoughts on “Plastic

  1. you’re so right, Sandra! Truth is, don’t even get me started on the subject… Not only can every single one of us can make a change in their own life, little by little and step by step, but the drop in the ocean is important and will actually make an ocean, IF we decide to do it, one person at a time. When people tell me they won’t make a single little effort because it won’t change anything and because it means changing their (bad) habits – even though they know it’s bad and the better alternative costs less -, it drives me mad!

    I’ve changed my habits 2 years ago in as little as 6 months, cleaned out the appartment I was living in, changed the way I went grocery shopping, put a reusable bag in my purse (along with a reusable straw, a reusable napkin and bamboo cutlery that I can take everywhere), always think ahead if I’m going to order take-away (I’ll do so at the counter with my own container) and it’s not harder than what I used to do before.
    Results: after 1 year of being careful, mindful, more conscious of my consumtion, I tallied only 380 ml. of trash FOR 1 YEAR!!! It is possible! if only people stop being lazy as the society have made them.

    Sorry for the long comment, I told you not to get me started! 😉
    On a positive note, I write about all the changes, ideas, concepts, advice, etc. on my blog at:

    In the hope that more people will try to do their share. Every little step counts!
    Cheers! ❤

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    • It’s not only the rubbish you reduce. People claim that the easy way is the cheaper way but it’s not true. You also safe money! People just are so blinded by now that they don’t see it. I have to say that I’m still not happy with how I approach things but we are on the way…

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      • I read Zero Waste Home by Béa Johnson and follow Trash is for Tossers, a blog by Lauren Singer. Both give great advice and doable daily actions to make a long-term, meaningful change. Knowing that the change doesn’t happen in one day, of course, habits die hard but the new ones are so effective, reduce costs, chemicals in our life and impact on our planet, you can see the difference.
        Hope that helps and gives you more tips too! 😊😊😊
        We’re more doing it the think, the thing is, we mostly hear about those who don’t. The others act, don’t talk 😉

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