Fear Is Not Real

I find this thought provoking. Fear is not real. What we fear is in our head. Danger is real. But doesn’t danger creat fear? 

Many fears we have are in relation to the future. To something that doesn’t exist. Something we fear might happen. 


19 thoughts on “Fear Is Not Real

  1. Fear may be a choice, but also choosing to be brave in the face of fear is also a choice. This is why I think fear is real and a completely healthy thing. It’s pretty hard not to feel afraid in a world like this.

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  2. Danger does not create fear. Look at the adrenaline junkies…they purposely put themselves in danger. Or even those that overcome their fears. Fear is a choice not a product.

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  3. Fear is the absence of faith or trust that all will work out as it should. They cannot occupy the same space in your mind which is where fear resides. This is a thought provoking post. A great conversation starter. I have always been a fearful person until I realized that all the things I was afraid of never came to pass. If you are observant of yourself in the moment and in tune with the your surroundings and your body, you will intuitively know how to respond and react to what is in front of you. The rest is not your concern at the moment. I’m writing this for myself as a reminder. 🙂 Enjoyed reading all the comments on it as well as what you have written.

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  4. A great post, amommasview.
    It’s about those little stories we tell ourselves of how things ‘may’ turn out… often with no grounding in reality…
    Thank you 💐🌟🌟

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