Sleeping Next To Someone

Yes, it definitely does. If you have enough space in the bed. Sometimes though, other people (little people) you love sneak into your bed because they had a bad dream or just because they feel like it. And in the beginning everything is cozy and “organized”. 

But then, when everyone sleeps suddenly there are knees or feet or elbows in your face or stomach, places they don’t belong. And sometimes you feel like the sausage in a hotdog, squeezed between two buns, unable to move. 

That’s the moment you have to decide to a) remain uncomfortable and not sleep for the rest of the night and be grumpy the next day, b) get up and move little person back to their room, or c) sneak out and head to little persons room where you find an empty bed with lots of space and most likely the rest you still need… πŸ˜‰


18 thoughts on “Sleeping Next To Someone

  1. Hey… we’re just two people in one large bed, and ChΓ©ri managed to elbow-punch me in the eye (literally… Ow!!) the other night. I am adding this to the list of reasons why I won’t have children…. LOL

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  2. So sweet πŸ™‚ It reminds me of my little brother. He loves to come over and sneak into bed with me in the middle of the night. I used to let him, but now that he is a little bigger, there isn’t enough room for both of us and I (most of the time) end up unable to sleep. So now he sleeps in his own bed every night.

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  3. Ah memories, amommasview! And happy ones at that. Time goes so fast.
    Perhaps a new generation will jump in one day….
    Lovely words in your post πŸ™‹πŸ»πŸ’•

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  4. Yep. My nephews would often sneak into my bed ‘to keep me company’ when I was babysitting them as toddlers.
    Even the four legged variety tend to need more room than me. We often joke that Maggie has her own bed, which is four feet six and we’re allowed to share it (sigh).

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  5. Heeheee..! I’m usually the one squashed in between when one of the kids cone snuggle up at night and then 3 cats joined in the party. It’s uncomfortable sometimes wakung up with a sore neck but it feels nice to snuggle too…what conundrum!😜

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