Childhood Memory

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One of my most favorite bloggers, Danny from Dream Big, Dream Often, has a series of “Question of the Day” running, which you should definitely check out. He just posted one about your nicest memories with your dad which I liked a lot. I would like to take it a little bit further:

“What’s your most favorite childhood memory?”

Can’t wait to read your answers… 🙂


13 thoughts on “Childhood Memory

  1. Cool post! So hard to pick. But I loved best just playing in our yard growing up in Wisconsin. We had a huge yard with a lot of very mature trees – great for climbing. We had a little hill that we could roll down in summer and sled down in winter. We picked apples from our trees. We had a swingset. We had grass to do cartwheels in. We made up endless games there. It was such a heaven…..

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  2. Oh I have one, I have one!! But I am leaving work in 15 minutes, so it’ll have to wait a little!! (LOL I am pathetic… leaving messages, saying that I will leave a message soon…. How old am I, really?!?)

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  3. My best memories of my dad were when he took me and my little brother n so me of his rambles. It didn’t matter where we went, it was always good. For some reason he had worlds of confidence we wouldn’t be killed so he let us do dangerous things like driving the truck way too young, jumping off in deep water and in creeks, or riding horses alone. I loved it of course, and obviously was never killed. When I was eight and my brother was five, he got tired of caching and saddling the horse fo us, so he told us when we could do it alone we could ride whenever we wanted. We lured the horse into the stall with oats and somehow got a saddle and bridle on hat day. We rode every day for years after that.

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