It’s The Mixture Of Things…

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I read a great post on Coach Daddy yesterday and funny enough my son has decided to bake something today and is using the same ingredients mentioned in Eli’s post. While reading Eli’s post I couldn’t stop thinking about people. The wheel in my head started spinning. There you are, having flour, salt, brown sugar, maybe cacao powder, baking powder ready to use. By now you might wonder what people, sugar, flour, salt, baking powder or soda or cacao powder have in common. Bare with me…

You see all the different ingredients, you look at their different colors, textures and shapes. Everything is so very different and yet some are so similar. Again I can’t help but think of people. The wheel is still spinning…

You could keep them all separated. But if you mix them and add a binding ingredient you are actually able to create something so much better, so much bigger, so much stronger. All it takes is that binging ingredient. Once again people cross my mind.

So there we are. All of us a different shape, size, color, taste… all of us unique. Now all it takes is that binding ingredient to make us come together as one. If it is the right one it will bind us. It will bring us together. It will make us work and create that one big, yummy, great thing. But if it is not the right one we just stick together, forcefully glued together and simply don’t work together. There will be no great thing. No bigger thing. Just one gooey mass that doesn’t work out. And yet again I can’t help but think of people…

As individuals we can be great. We can be fantastic actually. But what makes us even bigger and better is when we come together, mixed together, connected with something that makes us click. We come together as great teams, great communities as a society. It’s the mixture of things but also how it all comes together. All we need is that one binding ingredient, which can be a cause or a great leader. Just that one single connection that makes us bind and stick and grow and develop. Just like a wheel it works, it turns, it moves, it brings us forwards. Or it moves us backwards or even breaks us if not connected properly. Sometimes I think it’s really not that hard. But then it seems to be. Because otherwise we would all come together be mixed together and connected by the one binding ingredient. And great things would happen all the time…


6 thoughts on “It’s The Mixture Of Things…

  1. So interesting – one of your posts inspired the post I wrote that inspired this post. I believe the world does a much better job of combining ingredients (people) and creating beautiful things than we’re ever given credit for. I see it every day, at work, on teams, in the community.

    How’d your son’s baking turn out?

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