We have regular bush fires here in Australia. A couple of years ago it was really bad. I remember that we were on our way back from Queensland and watched the horror in the news. Black Saturday was born. Last year we did a hike in the area that was affected really hard. It had been 7 years since the big fire. While nature had recovered very well and everyone living there from what it seemed as well, there were still signs of the nightmare that had happened there years ago.

I find it always amazing to see the contrast between the char-coaled trees and the fresh green vegetation. Life and Dead so close. The old and new. The past and the future. And most of all: Resilience…

Probably not the best example for “transient”. But the prompt still made me think of the black trees. There in a moment, in their fresh beauty, gone in another after fire have torn through.

Inspired by the Daily Post Photo Challenge – Transient

5 thoughts on “Transient

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  2. Great photos! You have captured the thought well. I too have seen what wild fires can do. Never want to see another. But there is always something good that Mother Nature can do with the damage which is such a contrast.

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