I’ve been quiet. Don’t you think? There was not much that I put out there with a lot of “meat on the bone”. The reason is simple: I had to set my priorities right. I love my blog. I love blogging, writing, reading your posts, connecting with you, exchanging our thoughts. But it is time consuming. And I don’t mean this in a bad way. Just in a very honest one.

While I managed somehow to schedule my post and write them in advance over the first two years of my blogging journey, ever since the beginning of 2016 it got harder and harder to do so. First my brain was occupied with some tough things going on in our life. Then thankfully that cloud finally lifted only just a couple of months ago. Then I decided to jump on board of a business opportunity that allows me to work from home but also takes up my time and my mind.

Eventually I realized that I started to tell my children “not now” or “I don’t have time for that” more often than I wanted to. And in relation to me wanting to spend time on my blog. I had to pull the break. This, after all, is a hobby. So while I do spend time working on what hopefully will turn into a lucrative business over the next couple of months, I can’t allow myself to let the blog to take over the rest of my time.

It’s funny. You create and live a life in which you focus on quality time with your children. For years it was my main focus and still is. Then I started blogging and realized how good it felt and how much it did for me. It gave me my space, was my little island to recover, recharge, be and connect with others. It took over too much. This blog is meant as my island. It needs to be there. But I can not allow it to take away too much time from my family.

So over the last weeks I said yes to the kids more often and no to sitting down, reading or creating posts. I’m still here and I’m not planning on going away. I just slowed down a little bit and right now am trying to find a new and better routine. That will allow me to keep blogging the way I’d like to but also go back to spending the amount of quality time with the kids that I feel is necessary. For them but also for me.

Because the days are long but the years are short. They grow up way to fast.

When you think about 10 years it seems so long. But when you are a parent you realize how fast they go by. It feels like a blink of an eye. Your kids are babies in one moment and teenagers the other. And you wonder where the time went. How it could go by so quick and if the next 4 to 10 years go by as fast then both of my children might no longer live with us. I will have all the time in my life then to focus on a blog, on a book on whatever. Because they will no longer need my focus. They hopefully still want to spend time with me but not the way they do now.

So seize the moment, right? Enjoy what you still have rather then chasing other stuff that will still be there and stay the same while this here is changing. While my children are changing. While their interests are changing. The time is now. Not tomorrow, not next week and not in an hour.

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14 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. Absolutely – I like how you said the blog is an island – and often, you lose sight of other shores. My first 2 years of blogging were similarly while the last one has been cutting back and not letting it consume me. Now not every thought makes its way to the draft folder. I have a filter, so to speak.

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  2. I at exactly the same point right now. Work is going great and I am working more hours now. That means that I have less time for my boys and everything around the house. The older one is going to university in September and time is even more precious. So I too focus more on my kids and spending time with them and unfortunately, that means cutting off some blogging time. But as you said, we don’t go away…we only fill our life with more!

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  3. I am always amazed at those who write every day. My kids are grown and gone, no grandchildren, no job and still not enough time to write every day or even every week. I’m occupied with making a life and I occasionally share it with others. It’s not that interesting to someone else. You have your priorities in good order. The kids always come first and that includes feeding bodies and souls. Enjoy your time with them as you are quite right, time flies where they are concerned. 🙂

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  4. This is every bit true and honest… Its just been a few months since I started blogging and I feel you….It takes up a lot of time and brain space….sometimes willingly and sometimes not!

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  5. Juggling priorities requires first that you decide what they are at any given time. I had noticed you had “slacked off” a bit in your writing, where I may finally be starting to build up steam on that train just a little bit more. Good luck at keeping all your “balls in the air” at one time, and don’t beat yourself up or try to handle too many at once. Remember, you can make a conscious decision to exchange one for another as time passes and priorities evolve, or should that be as they revolve?

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