Life Is Like Dancing

I keep thinking about the cha-cha quote I posted on Monday. About how life’s about those steps forward and then some back again. It is like dancing actually.

Do you remember when we were young and went out to dance (oooh… that sounds as if I’m so so old…)? When the girls stuck to one side of the room and the boys to the other? How usually the girls were dancing and the boys watching? I remember it very well.

I also remember how I, as much as I wanted to dance and enjoyed dancing, felt insecure because they watched. How we bundled up in little groups, dancing together, to encourage ourselves most likely. To not feel so lonely or in the middle of the attention. To have your focus on your friend dancing with you rather than on the boys watching. And yet sometimes the attention was with the boys because maybe there was one specific one that you liked. And when then the music changed to some slow tunes. The girls immediately retreated to their side of the room, waiting for the boys to make their move. To come over and ask them to dance. Because funny enough, although they hardly ever danced when the music was faster, they also waited for the slow music so they could make their move. And “dance”.

Honestly, usually it wasn’t really dancing. I mean there was no Waltz, no Cha-Cha, no Salsa or Merengue. It was holding on to each other making one step to the left and one to the right and maybe in doing so swaying your hips slightly and slowly turning together.

Sometimes life feels like that too. Like this being held by someone you like and then you stay stuck on that one spot while you are still moving. Not really a bad thing but eventually you need to keep moving on. Together or by yourself.

Sometimes people watch while others move, they wait for their chance, for their moment. The most frustrating thing is if you then see someone else step up and take on what you were planning on doing. So you stand there, in your corner and watch how the other person steps up and connects to the person you wanted to connect to and then they start dancing together. Not you. You are still in your corner.

And while it feels intimidating to be out there by yourself and moving and doing the one thing you’d like to do while everyone watches, at least you are doing it. You are not standing in the corner wishing you would have the courage to do be out there and dance. You are actually doing it. You are putting yourself out there. It is intimidating, maybe even scary. and maybe you need others there with you. But at least you are out there. You are doing it. You are moving and not standing still.

18 thoughts on “Life Is Like Dancing

  1. The last part sums it up for me. Now, I’ve grown too old and tired watching others do the things I would love to do especially when I know that they are things that I need to and love doing but keep procrastinating for some reason. So, I’m lacing up my dancing shoes and getting on with it even if my rhythm is out of sync 😉

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  2. A wonderful time in life. We were young and full of energy. I still dance, but, I am 74 now and it’s usually when I put the music on from the 50’s and 60’s, and it’s usually when I’m alone, I usually don’t last for the entire song, but, I still dance. ☺☺☺

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  3. I never went to a school dance. My mom forbid it because they were (and I quote) “cesspools of drugs fornication”. By the time I hit my senior year, I was married so I didn’t even go to my prom, and so I never had that experience of boys on one side girls on the other. I learned to dance at bars and honky tonks (after my divorce) where the genders intermingled and didn’t no one wait for anyone to ask them to dance. If I wanted to dance with a dude, I asked him. ^_^ The worst that could happen was that he would say, “No.” Right?

    Life is way too short to stand in a corner… even metaphorically.

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  4. Love dancing as I’ve said many times. This looks like so much fun! I was one that danced in high school at the Friday night dances becaipuse I had a steady partner. Great fun!

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  5. I love seeing the comments from your followers all over the world and from different generations. It’s kind of eye-opening to see the similarities and the differences! Even within my family, I’d bet if I asked my sister, who is just five years younger than I so still a Baby Boomer, her experience was so different from mine when it came to dances and dating because our personalities and priorities were and are different. The only dances I REALLY remember from growing up were in fifth or sixth grade. The experiences were not so different from what you’ve described here, but I’m pretty sure there NO SLOW DANCES since, after all, it was almost like a class during the school day and that kind of contact could not be encouraged! I pretty much avoided, mainly because I wasn’t asked, by boys or girls, dances in junior high and high school, and by the time I got to college I wouldn’t even think about attending a dance without a date. I think I may have finally outgrown that attitude by the time I entered the working world as a single girl. Hooray for the liberated woman I became by the late 70s and 80s!

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