This Wow Moment


I simply can’t let go of it. I can’t stop thinking of this wow moment I had pretty much one week ago. Standing up there on this lookout. With this almost never ending forest underneath me. That view. I realized then and there what it means to be truly in awe. What “taking your breath away” truly means.

I crave to go back there. I want to stand up there again, feet at the edge of the lookout, my gaze on the horizon. Taking it all in. Feeling small and big at the same time. Realizing how much you are part of it, of everything. Realizing how little we all are compared to this abundance of nature.

People often talk about vibes and for a long time I considered it blabla. Years ago though I realized that there are vibes. Vibes between people but also vibes of places. You either connect or you don’t. You either feel good or you don’t. It feels right or it doesn’t. Or then there is this in between that almost doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter because it doesn’t really leave a mark. It comes and goes, disappears faster than it happened almost. There are people like this, people you simply don’t connect to. There are places like this. Places you don’t mind staying but also don’t really mind leaving anymore, you pretty much don’t care if you ever come back there or not.

And then there are the places you connect to. You feel good being there. In fact it almost feels like you merge with it. As if you grow together sort of. It’s like this boost of life, of energy, of happiness that gets to you, fills you up, feeds you, nourishes you, rejuvenates you.

You walk away so much richer than before. Not just because the place did all of that to you but also because you were able to actually experience something like this. Making you feel tiny but also so so big…

20 thoughts on “This Wow Moment

  1. Totally get it. I’ve seen a few places like that. Feels like you’re standing atop the whole world, taller than everyone and everything. Then you see just how big the Earth is we’re just a dot. A pinpoint upon its surface. And there’s the urge, the desire, the craving to never leave that place, to go back there when you finally do.

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