Leaving A Piece Of Your Heart Behind

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A friend of mine that we have met right after we moved to Australia and has since not only moved back to the States but then to Dublin, Ireland, is now about to move again. It will not just be one move for her and the family but two. First they will head back to the States where they will be for about 6 months and then they will move to Pretoria, South Africa.

A big move like this is not easy. For nobody. Not for the parents, not for the kids and not for the people left behind. I admire her for her strength. I think I know how much she will leave behind. I only think I do though. Their move was not something that was in the picture, at least not so early and not the way it will happen. They were supposed to be in Ireland for much longer but things just didn’t go according to plan. Now they have to go back end of this months and because they find themselves between visas a short stay in the US as to be squeezed in. I can’t imagine what this means for the kids.

Once again they have to say goodbye to their friends to then join school for a couple of months where they are supposed to fit in but know they will leave again shortly. We all know how fast 6 months can go. And then they have to settle once again in another country, meet new friends and get used to new ways of life.

As hard as it might seem: What a fantastic adventure and what a wonderful way to discover the world. What a powerful way to grow and evolve, soaking it all in! What a way to meet people, build friendships, connections all over this world.

I guess once you get over the initial shock of leaving so much behind you will realize how much this challenge will actually offer you and your entire family. Yes, you dig up your roots once again, you move them over the entire planet and you have to plant them into soil you don’t know, your are not familiar with. But maybe they will grow deeper than expected. Maybe it will be in soil that will nourish you so much more than any of the other you had to leave.

The most important thing is actually what you carry within you. Memories, experiences nobody can ever take from you. The pain of leaving, the challenge to settle in again, the joy of making new connections and then sharing it all with everyone you have managed to include in your inner circle.

9 thoughts on “Leaving A Piece Of Your Heart Behind

  1. I think it is a big challenge for the kids. They are constantly supposed to adjust. It will teach them a lot for sure but then again I can understand when they only want to have their buddies around and don’t need to worry about saying goodbye again.

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    • As a parent who went through a similar situation, though the moves our family made were not nearly as abrupt or radical in terms of distance, I can only say “You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.” That really means that somebody will be unhappy, at least in the short term, as a result. That’s why they make us parents make these hard decisions together, while the kids just have to go along. Even now, more than ten years after our one big move, I’m still not sure who gained the most or who suffered the most as a result.

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      • I totally got you! I think it is easier the younger the kids are. We moved to the US when my daughter was three and moved back when she was 4. That was no problem at all. But I agree, it is a decision the parents make for their kids and the consequences have to be faced by everybody. It is about taking chances. But as you said in the short term someone has to find a way to adjust.
        My parents moved to another country when I was 9 (at least the same language was spoken). It was a different mentality and it was not easy to find my place in the kids’ community. I even was bullied. I complained a lot because I really suffered. I did not feel home where I lived and did not live where I felt home. But today I couldn’t be more thankful because I know that home is not only one place but every place you make your home. I learned to adjust and I am thankful for everything new I am allowed to experience. Thank you so much for replying to my comment. I appreciate it a lot!!

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