It’s fascinating how long you can live in an area and only discover little gems after years. Last spring we had a chat with a friend of ours about beaches in the area and he mentioned one that we never realized would even exist. A truly hidden gem. Or so you would think…

Because in a way it’s really not that hidden. You basically drive past when driving from one place to the other. You look out the window, look at the ocean and you can tell that there most likely is a beach. But because of the fact that there is no parking and the way the road is right at this specific point, you simply don’t expect something special to be there. Until it gets mentioned to you.

The amazing thing is how close to everything this little beach is and how empty it usually is. It’s not rare that Australian’s and everyone else who is down here then spend their time on the beach on Christmas. Because, let’s face it, it can be bloody hot then. And because everyone has the same idea all the beaches in the closer area are usually pretty full.

Last Christmas was one of those hot Christmases and so I decided to take the kids to the beach. I braced myself for the masses but suggested to our friends to go to this only recently discovered beach instead of the one we usually went to together. Best decision ever! Although it was busier then on other days we went there it was still relatively empty.

I’m glad there are still places like this in the area. Places that are hidden or maybe better not discovered by everyone just yet. Maybe it’s also simply because it’s not convenient to go there and so people stay away. Whatever it is, I hope it will stay like this so that we can enjoy many more hot summer days actually having a beach for almost ourselves…

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