We’ve had some stunningly beautiful days recently. Perfect weather, sunny, warm with that tiny little chilly feeling to it. Beautiful winter days or maybe fall days.

When I’m out on days like this I can’t help smiling. Not only because I enjoy the moment as such but in moments like that I’m also grateful for not being stuck in fog for weeks and weeks.

The time I spent in Zurich often comes to my mind. And while I love the city because it is a beautiful place I also remember the many days it was covered in fog during the winter month.

For me coming from a small mountain town it was hard. Hard because I knew, that higher up there would be blue sky and sunny weather. But also because the grey didn’t seem to pass. While I also enjoyed it because I felt it brought some kind of calm along, I witnessed how the mood of people changed. The smiles on their faces in the morning on the train on their commute to work faded and somehow the spirit took on the same color the fog gave the environment: A dark grey.

During that time I had to escape to my small mountain village. Not only to see my friends but also to get some sunlight back into my days. To be able to create a bridge from weekend to weekend, hanging in there.

Today I enjoy the few foggy days we have here. To be honest, I’m pretty sure I could count them on one hand as they are rare. So when it’s grey outside it actually puts a smile on my face now.

Funny, how things can change…


10 thoughts on “Foggy

  1. We are blessed to have plenty of fog all summer. It’s there when we wake up, and the sun burns it off in the morning. Easy come, easy go! This is yet another reason I love living in the Smokies. I hope you get enough fog to satisfy your soul.

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