When you are out and about you encounter a huge variety of different textures. And only just by putting one foot in front of the other. I’m amazed about how often the texture of certain things still surprise me. My mind decided on a certain feel while the item actually feels completely different. It’s not always the case. A feather feels like a feather, a rock of course feels like a rock, a piece of wood like a piece of wood, grass like grass, grass with frost feels like grass with frost, sand feels like sand and moss like moss.

But then there are other things like the huge piece of kelp that took me by surprise when I touched it. I was so sure it would be softer, slimier, different. Never did I expect it to feel like rubber… So we live and we learn and while being out there we keep finding the little surprises nature keeps offering us. And I wonder if all those things feel the same for the birds, flying over them, experiencing everything from a different angle and then touching it with their claws…



4 thoughts on “Textures

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