That Movie…

… or just comment… personally I can’t even put up a gif… freaks me out too much… and she whispers Chucky… 


22 thoughts on “That Movie…

  1. The Changeling starring George C Scott………. the scene with the empty rocking chair at the top of the stairs chilled me to the bone. Brilliant film (I was into the B&W Hammer Horror and hysterics as a kid)

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  2. For me, it was the original “Invasion from Mars”. Not the remake of ten or so years ago…that one wasn’t scary, just grotesque. The two creatures (of course they were a bilious green) walking and carrying the head in a glass jar totally freaked me out. That and the parents with the diamond crystal implanted in the backs of their heads.

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  5. It was a television show… Kolchak: The Night Stalker… Our dad used to watch it when mom went to work and let us stay up to watch it with him. We were only about maybe nine, I think… There was one particular episode where heavy machinery came to life and killed people. Even up until adulthood, I couldn’t walk down a deserted or even semi-deserted street if there was a crane or wrecking ball parked there. Even now, at age 50, I get the heebie-jeebies walking by heavy machinery.

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  6. No gifs and there were more but three stand out:

    1. British TV series “Blake’s 7”. Somebody thought it would be fun if in the last part of the series the spaceship with all the heroes just exploded.

    2. Invasion of the Body Snatchers, 1978. Donald Sutherland and THAT finger-pointing scene. :O

    3. Demon Seed. Julie Christie is raped by a robot. From 1977! And now we all are…

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