Ooh, Shiny!!!

First I thought this is all about shiny things and then I read what this weeks photo challenge is all about. It’s about things that always manage to catch your attention. So here is my take on “Ooh, Shiny!!!”


A beautiful sunset always catches my attention. To the point where I just stop talking to people. Rude? Maybe… worth looking? For sure…

And birds. Especially the special ones like our Rainbow Lorikeets or Cockatoos. But for sure eagles as well. Nope, they are not shiny, but they for sure stand out…

8 thoughts on “Ooh, Shiny!!!

  1. Ooh I featured Aussie parrots on my, Ooh Shiny blog as well. They really are hard to ignore. I love that the cockie is sitting on the sign saying no bird feeding as if to say “Oh come on that’s hardly fair.”

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