A New Experience

So that’s it. A new kind of blogging experience. One that I have dreaded for so long. It’s the experience of not finding time to look after my blog. My “baby” in that sense. A baby that’s turning 3 very soon. And I feel bad.

Like a mother neglecting her child.

But then I neglect this child so I can actually spend more time with my real children.

I’m torn. I love blogging. I love writing my heart out. I love sharing my thoughts and rants and happy moments. I love reading what you put out there and your comments on my posts. I love visiting your blogs and new blogs and comment. But I simply can’t find time at the moment and it drives me crazy.

I need to come up with a new routine as the one I had clearly doesn’t work any longer. I’d like to be back, like to exchange thoughts with you again. But I don’t want this to turn into pressure. Because that’s when things go bad. And as I said, my blog is my baby too and really don’t want it to turn bad. So bare with me 😉

27 thoughts on “A New Experience

  1. a difficult time, and one most of us face, sooner or later. So far, I have always managed to come up with a solution, for I won’t stop doing what I enjoy, even if I have to eat on the move!

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  2. I neglected my blog for most of the summer. Sometimes I find it hard to balance life with blogging. For me, life always wins, so sometimes my blog sits on the back burner until I’m ready for it again. ❤

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  3. I know what you mean!! Life gets in the way, job, friends, family- and then I miss sitting and reading, and posting and commenting- but there are only so many hours in the day. Summer was especially hard. I have made peace with being here when I can, and when I can’t I just can’t!

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  4. Hello friend,
    Don’t let the Blog drive and take the wheel. Spend the time you need on you and your family then write when you have the quite moments, Instead of everyday writing which is grueling and puts to much pressure on yourself. Start a post, write until you have other obligations, save draft and come back later. You take the wheel and if that means 2-3 blogs or less a week so be it.
    I’ve gone thru theses times, at a point of reevaluating now. I’m not taking enough care of my health, it’s not logical, we think we have to post. I’m slowing learning other social media for advocating and spend less time at WP, doesn’t make sense but I have more followers. Followers have never been the reason to blog but it’s a nice affirmation.
    Balance includes taking care of yourself.

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  5. Don’t worry about that too much Sandra. Your real followers will always be there waiting for you.
    Blogging is not an obligation and everyone goes through the same struggles when life gets on the way. I have been for over one year, in the same situation, due to a busier work schedule.
    I just restarted blogging and met all old bloggers again. I also found out that I wasn’t the only one absent and we somehow made it back at the same time.
    Hang in there, your baby is ok and we value you a lot, no matter how much you post.

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  6. Absolutely understand this Sandra! Been racing this for a few months … Work, wedding and new home took a toll. But our blog really is our baby, and we all have unique ways of looking after them!

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