I sometimes wonder how much time we spend waiting for something, for someone. Waiting for change that just simply happens. Waiting for better times, or maybe even in a sense waiting for the good times to become worse again. We all do it.

But what is it actually good for? Nothing right? Because while we wait for that chance, for that better moment, that better someone, we are totally passive. Instead of sitting in the driver seat and take action. I challenge you to take action. Hop in that driver seat and take charge of the direction “your car” is going, the speed and the road you want to take. Do it ;-)… In the meantime here some pictures that represent waiting for me…

  • Waiting for that kiss of the person you love so much…
  • Waiting for a fantastic dish to finally be ready to eat…
  • Waiting for a message from above…
  • Waiting for the sun to set and the turtle to come back up again to take a breath of fresh air…

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