I’m trying to not get too much into the gun control discussion. Only thing I want to say is that quite obviously the gun law in the US is not protecting people but harming them…

I shared my thoughts before. I simply can’t understand that nothing is done…


18 thoughts on “Helpers

  1. I don’t get it. Once upon a time guns were important. It’s how the settlers survived. We’re settlers hunting and gathering food any more. Fantastic quote… it has always been a favorite. There will be people running away from a crisis and there will be people running to it. Those are the real heroes.

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  2. I have had this conversation many times and I don’t get it either, when Dunblane happened, the UK came down hard on gun laws, I was reminded today the same thing happened in Australia.

    I have seen variations of this quote about
    “In retrospect, Sandy Hook marked the end of the US gun control debate. Once America decided killing children was bearable, it was over.” it does seem to be true.

    Lastly I see lots of people referring to the 2nd amendment. I did a quick bit of checking, when they introduced that guns could fire roughly one round a minute, we now have guns which fire 6000 rounds a minute, Surely it needs to be updated, especially when we live in a world where it is easier to get a gun then it is to get the morning after pill. Those are just my thoughts on it

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    • I know!!! And that’s the even crazier thing! We are not talking about a “normal” gun anymore. We are talking about weapons meant for war… even there it is crazy. But they have definitely nothing to do in a normal household.

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      • I don’t understand it. The argument that they use them for hunting is ridiculas as well. A gun that powerful is not just going to kill, its going to leave very little meat left. But then I suppose I am lucky, as I grew up in the UK without guns,

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      • Yes! Absolutely discussing and completely off. Although in Switzerland everyone who served in the military had to take their weapon home, they didn’t get to take the ammunition home and you can’t just buy any. So I always felt safe there as it was very constraint to who had a weapon. And here in AUS the gun laws are very strict. While this country is behind in many things they had the guts to change their gun laws after a mass shooting and the government actually bought guns back from people when they changed the law.

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