The word believe and what is attached to it is something interesting, don’t you think? Belief in yourself, in others in an institution can come and go, can be used in motivational ways but also in quite a destructive manner.

I thought about belief and mindset a lot over the last months, maybe even years. Not in a religious way, more in a motivational or inspirational way. Or in short more in a way to find something to keep me mentally afloat during tough times. Over the last couple of weeks the word believe triggered even more thoughts in me. This time in relation to same sex marriage, which is currently a big thing here in Down Under. Imagine: it has not been legalized yet. Yes, we are sitting in that boat. In the boat in which we actually feel we have the right to discuss if people are allowed to get married (by law) or not. Where we think it’s our right to make the decision if they are allowed to have equal rights. I will not go into details about the entire discussion, it irks me too much that we even think we have the right to make a decision over someone’s love life. Unfortunately at this point it is what it is.

To get back to the word believe: Why is it that people believe that they can hide behind their religion and use it as a reason to bully others who don’t fit into the little box they are supposed to fit in? Personally I’m shocked about the amount of hate and intolerance that is out there. I’m shocked how the ones that are the meanest and most toxic ones hide behind their religion, their belief. Not seeing that it doesn’t matter who is married to whom. That same sex marriage doesn’t equal a higher crime rate, more rapist, more pedophiles or whatever they use to create fear in others.

And yet it’s everyone’s right to speak their mind, to believe what they want to believe. Well, almost everyone’s. Of course it’s different if you are not straight, because then you need the approval of the “normal” of the “straight”… (sorry, couldn’t help myself).

My lovely friends out there, let people live their lives. As long as their lifestyle doesn’t interfere directly with yours, there shouldn’t be any issue. Nobody is taking anything away from you. And if our kids grow up in a world that sees men married to men and women to women, in a world where people can openly talk about who they love and want to get married to, in a world where we tolerate and accept, then that’s most certainly not a bad thing. Maybe kindness and tolerance will then finally have a chance… I do believe that we all can get there and finally accept, tolerate and be kind with each other. Do you?


8 thoughts on “Believe

  1. I love that sign!

    As for hiding behind religion, that’s been going on since…..well, the dawn of religion. Atrocities committed, judgement passed, and criticism hurled at those who disagree are the norm. Not really practicing what they’re vociferously preaching, are they? 😏

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  2. It’s a sad world we are living in. I don’t get why people would want to impose their beliefs on others. Why can’t we just get along. Like you, I don’t give a crap on people being gay or not. Why oh why can’t we be kind to one another and keep beliefs/religion out of it?

    Love the sign at the end! Couldn’t have said it any better!

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