Life and Traveling

“Those who live life see much. Those who travel see more.” -Unknown

Billboards have many messages for us. Often messages trying to sell us something. They’re big and colorful and often not easy to ignore. I often do thought.

But when you sit in the back of the car feeling like a lumpy vegetable because of an early, hectic morning followed by a long flight, you just gaze outside and probably just take in billboard message after billboard message. I don’t even remember what image was on the board. Most likely it was a plane or maybe a picture of some exotic destination. But the message struck a chord with me immediately. 

“Those who live life see more.” How often do we spend a day just doing what we’re doing, not paying attention to what else is going on all around us. We do our thing, our way and it’s like we are fixated only on what’s going on in that box we look through, limiting the prefiferal vision. It would be so easy to push the box off of our face. But we simply don’t we’re stuck. 

So many ended up there. With the box slowly closing over years. And no it’s what they feel normal with. But the “view” is so limited. When you play “the movie of your life” in your head it keeps repeating the same scenes. A little effort and you would be able to see and experience so much more. Just by breaking those vision barriers down. Allow yourself to do things “you’d like to do one day”. Do the things you so want to do today you constantly push out another day. You still live your life your way but you take in so much more… and you add colorful spots to what you see in your mind when thinking about the life your living.

“Those who travel see more.” True in the most simple way of understanding the sentence. If you travel you see more. Just simply by going places and experiencing them. By experiencing other people and their way of living life and going on with their days. By spending time on airports, train stations, bus terminals or on road trips. The rush the excitement, the buzz. The scents, the flavors, all of it… But it’s not just that.

I personally find that when you travel, you start living your life differently. You adjust, you push yourself a little further, you try new things. And it all sticks to you. That box I mentioned before gets wider or disappears totally. The colorful sport are bigger, cover longer stretches. You “see” more. It makes you a different person. You grow with the experience. And you fall back on all the memories you’ve made when on the road. 

Live your life and see much! And if you can: Take that trip and see more.

15 thoughts on “Life and Traveling

  1. This is so true, Sandra 🙂
    I have been thinking a lot about, which people I find to be more open-minded to the world and found out, that people, who leave their own country to live in another country often are much more conscious about our mutual world.
    Many of these people, I have met in our blogging world.
    When I look at people, who do the same day after day, more or less, they often live a life, where they don’t care much about other souls.

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    • I think in regards to the moving to other countries it has a lot to do about learning to adjust. Because you have to. Things are done differently. And you uprooted yourself and need to fit in again.

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  2. Exactly! I wish I could afford to travel more. Speaking of traveling, I just came from on of Ann’s (Grubbs n Critters) post about their trip to Hungary. I’m traveling vicariously these days.

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  4. Definitely! When you travel you see new things and are so much more awake and receptive. And when we realize that we can discover so many things in our life only by looking closer and being more receptive for what is around us then we are living!

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  5. Travelling is good for the soul. And the mind. highly encourage it 😊…and I think one does not have to go too far or all out to travel. . it’s probably just in the backyard with things waiting to be discovered. Or read – it’s a good way for mind travels!😊

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