Blast From The Past – Writing A New Story

I guess when you are out and about and experience so many new things it automatically makes you think about your past as well. Maybe a little bit. There might be things out there reminding you of something back in your past. There might be scents, those split of moments that take you back to your childhood, your youth, one of the many moments that make up your past. I had so many of those moments over the last weeks. And it makes me realize how much we are made up of our past. How deep it all sits and how much it still is a part of us. We react according to experiences we’ve made. We fear, we crave according to what we have been through.

While we are out there day after day writing the next pages in our book of life, the chapters that are behind us still influence us. It’s up to us if we let them fuel or slow us down. I’d like to share a post I wrote a year back about some similar thoughts today as a Blast Of The Past post. As always I’d love to hear what you think about it…

It took me a while to actually sit down and start writing this post. Just simply because I needed time to get my thoughts straight. It’s inspired by one of the girls who teach yoga at the studio I used to go to. I still follow her on Facebook and recently she posted a short video with a short message in regards to the upcoming full moon.

Her message was simple but yet so deep: Connect with yourself, let go of the stories of your life, let go of the fears and the pain that are part of those stories.

See, in a way this post could simply end here. The message seems so clear. And yet it’s so complex.

I spent all day out in one of the beautiful forests of this country. Then I returned, still brainstorming and I made dinner for everyone. Then I sat outside. It’s slightly windy and I loved the feeling of the wind touching my face. When it does, I always think of where it’s been, who it met and the stories it could tell us. I wondered what it would take away from the short encounter it had with me. I’m still not sure.

I’m a work in progress. We all are and always will be. But right now I KNOW I’m a work in progress. So many things are shifting. So many things are changing and falling in place. Although it seems like I’m walking on an extremely uneven and rocky road, I know exactly where I want to go. And I will get there.

I know that I need to let go of the stories I carry with me, as close to my heart as they might seem. They are no longer worth holding on to. It’s time to let go.

This seems to be the year of big changes. For me it definitely is. It’s time. I know it is. Letting go of your stories, your fears and your pain isn’t that easy though; as much as you want to.

Your story is written in your book of life. It’s part of you. And yet, it’s incredibly important to reinvent yourself from time to time.

Look at it like a plant; or better yet, a tree. Look at it as the circle nature goes through in a year; the four seasons. Again, it’s about being born, developing, blooming, reaching your full potential and then letting go of it all.

In a way, I just realized that this cycle is not simply one cycle we go through in life. If we allow it, we can make multiple cycles out of it. We are not simply born once. We do not simply develop or evolve once. We do not blossom or reach our full potential once. And we do not simply die off once.

If we choose, we can redefine ourselves over and over again. We can let ourselves grow and change. We can let go of the story that defined us so far. We are in charge. We decide when we are ready to let go of the story that was written to describe who we are. We decide when it’s time to let go of the fears that hold us back. We decide when it’s time for the scars to heal and leave behind the pain we suffer(ed). We just have to make that one step.

Apparently it’s time now. Apparently the next full moon, a super moon, will make this step easier.

I knew it was overdue in my case; for a long time already. I know that I’m more than ready. It’s time for me to take that leap of faith. I know I can trust myself. And I know it will be a wise decision. I know I need to let go of my stories, my fears and the pain that the combination of the two caused. I’m ready to write this new story and let go of the old one.

Just dust in the wind…

blowing sand teen wolf glitter holland roden magical

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