Questions To Ask Your Kids After School

It’s something I often here parents mention: “When I ask my kids about what they learned in school today I always get the same answer: Nothing…”

It’s most definitely not about the kids not learning anything in school but more like not wanting to be bothered anymore. So maybe mix it up and ask different questions. Just like the ones above 😉

16 thoughts on “Questions To Ask Your Kids After School

  1. From my experience as both a teacher and a parent, I learned, that what our kids learn today, they don’t remember before tomorrow, if you ask them. Then they remember mostly.
    It has something to do with, that we need to sleep to process the taught for each day. After a weekend, they remember even better, what they was taught last week, if we ask the questions in a good way, just like with your post here, Sandra.
    Some kids have challenges with fx mathematics or languages and after a longer holidays, they get much better to learn again.

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  2. Oh yes! My kids do the same. Trying to get something out of them is like pulling teeth. 😑 Then I hear other parents saying their kids tells them this and that; and I go” I never hear anything!” Like the time when we found out after-the-fact that my son played the main character of a play or that my daughter got into a singing competition we never knew about.

    It’s not like we never asked or anything…

    The above techniques do help though, still it boils down to the kids’ characters. 😌

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  3. I think however we change our questions, they will give those brief brief answers but they will say more when they want.
    My daughter is just six years old and yesterday she went on a school trip and instead of asking her a direct question, I told her that I have never been to that place and I would like to know about it. She looked at me and say ‘ later mummy, please’ and I’m still waiting. She will but in her own time.
    Thanks for sharing

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