A hot chocolate, a fire place, the inside of a chalet or a cottage with all the wood and snuggling in the sofa in our warm comfy cloths comes to mind when I look at the word “cozy“. I guess it’s the way I grew up that still influences this kind of thinking. Because for whatever reason it’s somehow related to the cold outside and the warmth inside. It’s so much more though. It’s not just spending a cold winters night in a warm place.

The last couple of evenings we were sitting outside, in our backyard, under the lights we put up for Christmas and the beautiful warm (or maybe also hot) summer evenings. We had a cold white wine or a cold beer and were wearing light cloths. Sitting in the little corner of the backyard around the table with the family under the lights made me feel cozy too.

I’m the first one to admit that I rather have a freezing cold night than a 47C one. I love the sunshine and warm weather but I’m not too keen on proper heat. I’m that kind of person who says to you that you can always layer up but you can only take that many layers off. While I’m glad that I don’t have to experience constant minus temperatures I’m also glad that the climate in the area we live in allows for four seasons and some cold days as well as hot ones. the extremes never last long though. And now I lost myself in talking about weather and temperatures rather than what cozy means and is supposed to be.

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So I wonder… is cozy something we feel deep down in our hearts? Rather than an outside influence? I guess so. Create your kind of cozy and don’t get stuck on an idea about what cozy is all about and if you don’t have it you can’t feel cozy. The fire burning in the fire place I mentioned in the beginning is “replaced” by our outdoor lights and some candles. The hot drink is replaced by a chilled one. The warm cozy cloths are replaced by light layers of fabric. What stays the same is the people you enjoy moments with. And that is all that counts…

22 thoughts on “Cozy

  1. Happy New Year to you Sandra. Cosy is being curled up with Hubby and the dog regardless of the weather. I hate the heat, nor do I relish the thought of being cold, but we have extremes over here at the moment which is confusing everyone!

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  2. Well, just a couple of hours ago, we were about 80 C apart… isn’t that crazy? With the wind factor, the temperature was under -40 here in MontrΓ©al! But I think you are right. May we be in the plus or minus side of 0, the important is to find our own way to coziness πŸ™‚

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  3. Like Cyranny said, it was -26C here with the the wind chill just the other day. It sure makes “getting cozy” easier. But like you said cozy is a state of mind. Cozy can snuggled up with a loved one under a blanket or two on a cold night. Or it can be chilling with some friends on a warm, starry night with a glass of wine. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year over there!

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  4. Cozy for me is being home with my family, snuggled under blankets and watching movies together. Unfortunately, those times are few and far between because my 17 year old is rarely home anymore. HNY!

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