365 Chances

Isn’t it funny how we think of starting over only at the end of a year? How we think about new beginnings, new “you’s”, new chances, new whatever’s always at the end or maybe at the beginning of the year?

And yet we have those opportunities at any given point. We can start over now, then or whenever. The decision is up to us. We always have that “special kind of moment”, that “now or never”, that “it’s now or never” or “once in a lifetime”. We just need to see it, embrace it and run with it. Even if it’s scary… after all we are in charge. We write our book of life. We choose where a chapter begins or ends….

9 thoughts on “365 Chances

  1. Back when I was a teenager in Junior High (seventh through ninth grade), we took a field trip to see The King and I (matinee of course) in San Francisco. One of the lines of that play that always stuck with me was from the King who said during a discussion with Anne, “Yes, now. Now is always the best time.” I think that’s about the time I started exploring the whole “live in the Now” lifestyle though I’d never been one to live in the past. But yeah, Now is the only time you have.

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  2. I’m still a Monday kind of girl – so I get 52 chances to start fresh every year, and that is more than enough for me!Depending on how ambitious or organized I get this year, I might try some mindful monday posts, based on this definition.

    conscious or aware of something: tending toward appreciation
    A person is mindful when they are aware of their surroundings, actions, and emotions. Being mindful is not simply being alert. Instead, it is paying attention very carefully to your environment. You can train yourself to be more mindful. Mindfulness can have a positive impact on both your personal and professional life.
    synonyms: aware · conscious · sensible · alive · alert · acquainted · heedful · wary · chary · wise · hip · cognizant · regardful
    antonyms: heedless, mindless

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