Kids And Alcohol

Recently I was part of a little discussion about if alcohol should be offered at a Kids’ Birthday Party. I’d say the reactions were 75% in favour of it while the others absolutely against it.

While most of the ones in David of it didn’t state why they were pro alcohol at a kids’ party, the ones against it described in full their why.

And that made me think about two things. First of all of course about alcohol at a kids’ party but then as well about how and especially why we always feel we have to explain ourselves.

Interesting, don’t you think? You discuss something with mostly strangers and if you’re not part of the majority you feel the urge of explaining why your opinion is different than theirs. Even more interesting: In this case it was not about global politics, environment or anything else that affects everyone involved but simply about something you do in your time and family with your friends. And on top of it something the involved people can choose to do or not.

Why is that? Why do we feel we have to explain ourselves? Why do we not just state the fact that we do it differently? With confidence.

Now, I understand that alcohol and kids don’t mix. I also understand that we have responsibility as role models. And I would never support binge drinking during a kids’ party. But I offer wine and beer too when we have our children’s Birthday Party.

You might wonder why (or not) and I’ll tell you. Years ago, when my son was invited to his first Birthday Party in Australia the host was offering wine. It was something that totally surprised me. She said something that stuck to me: “I feel that when I celebrate my son’s birthday I don’t just celebrate the New Year in his life. I celebrate being a parent as well. And while he has a party with his friends, I celebrate with mine.”

I loved what she was saying. Not because of the alcohol but because of the entire idea. While the child is born and we celebrate the day he or she is born and a new year in their life, we also have something to celebrate. Our life changed when the baby was born. No matter if it was the first one or the fifth. Kids bring change. And why not celebrating this as well?

In my house we do. We celebrate their birthdays but also our parenthood. With all of our friends. With food for everyone and soft drinks, water, cordial, wine and beer. It’s not as if it turns into a wild and out of control party. Well… at least not the adult part of it 😉

9 thoughts on “Kids And Alcohol

  1. Kids and alcohol, a tough call. My uncle and aunt owned a pub, and my cousin, seven years younger than me, was an alcoholic at 15.
    When I was a teenager I was allowed a glass of wine with my Sunday dinner like everyone else, should I want one.
    If I was hosting a New Year party, I’d make punch (one bottle red wine, 2 white, 1 bottle ginger beer, one 1/4 bottle of rum or brandy (optional I might add) and four litres of lemonade) which was weakened down with lemonade as the evening went on though to be honest, nobody noticed!
    It all depends on the quantity, quality and parental guidance.

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  2. I’m with you. That’s why we hv the adults’ table and kids’ section. Make sure the little buggers have space so our drinks are safe. 🤭

    It’s true what your friend said. We tend to forget it was a special day for the parents why can’t we celebrate? And recently I read somewhere along the lines “make time for your mom on your birthday. It’s her special day too! ” Sweet statement but I can also imagine eyeballs rolling if the relationship with mom ain’t so great…

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  3. Interesting thoughts. Define “kids”? What age? (legal and inside) 🙂
    Do we feel we have to explain ourselves? I don’t know. I increasingly find it useless to argue a point with anyone.
    Whether it be Brexit, Cataluña, or writing. Most times you can only talk to those who already agree with you.
    Otherwise… it is a waste of time. 😉
    Example: a very good friend the other told me about the “Sionist conspiration”. I was speechless. Like were back at the Night of Crystal in Berlin. Changed subject.
    Cheers. 😉

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