Feeling Phenomenal

I should be grumpy. Or maybe upset. Maybe even angry. Scared. Why? Because some kind of idiot from my past has decided to harass me via emails sent to the place I volunteer. With lots of lies, aggression and even threats in it. But I’m not.

I tell you why: I’ve decided to not give him space because he doesn’t deserve it. His lies are so far fetched that it’s almost funny. His threats? I feel like a duck with water on its feathers. They drop off.

There is so much good in my life, so many good people so much positive energy that his own frustration that he tries to live out on me simply has no room. Will I just take it? Trust me it all goes to the right place and if it gets too much steps will be taken. But for now: I’m the bigger person.

11 thoughts on “Feeling Phenomenal

  1. It sounds annoying being harassed. Good on you for acknowledging this and not letting the person bother you. Hopefully the person goes away and no other steps need to be taken. Some people just have too much time on their hands and need to find a way. Nothing will help if you pick on others and bring them down.

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