Same Ol’ Shit

A 16 year old girl drinks to much. She is intoxicated and trusts the guy who leads her to a room. She enters the room where it’s totally dark. He leads her to the bed. Because she is totally drunk her instincts probably don’t kick in.

There are actually 8 men in the room. And a GoPro.

They rape her.

“Turn her around.”

“My turn.”

“Just like a piece of meat.”

And many more things Police will hear while watching the footage.

When Police knock on her door approx a week after because they have discovered the footage on the GoPro after having arrested one of the dickheads while spraying Graffitis she is shocked. She knew something has happened to her but didn’t recall exactly what and therefor didn’t go to the police. Afraid of not being taken serious.

Out of the 8 men 3 get sentenced. Maximum sentence is 13 years, the other two get away with 8 years and even less. Why did the one guy get 13 years? Probably because he was the one spraying the Graffiti… The other 5? Guess they were lucky…

Bottom line: While the girl is scarred for life the criminals who did this get away with basically nothing as they will be out in a couple of months on parole anyway. If you want to commit a crime to be stowed away in a comfortable cell with HD TV and other luxuries just rape someone. Because you’ll be out in now time. Don’t commit fraud. That will give you more time. Don’t get caught damaging stuff because that will give you more time. Don’t use illegal substances because that will give you more time…

Seriously? Wtf is wrong with our system? They filmed it. No doubt. She was unable to give consent. She was raped. She is 16. I sure hope they will experience heaps of what they did to the girl in prison over the short time they’re in there. Shame nobody will film it…

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