Radical Idea

Definitely makes you think. Or not?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it’s totally radical to send your kids to school. But it’s also not that radical to decide to homeschool. The crazy thing is that people consider it a “far out” way of education.

It does take a village to raise a child. Different influences are important. Different people in their lives are important. Adjusting to different situations and group dynamics are important for them. But that doesn’t mean that everything has to be “outsources”…

9 thoughts on “Radical Idea

  1. Grammar school apparently boasted to my Mum that they would soon ‘lick me into shape’. They destroyed my confidence and made me conscious of a weight problem I didn’t really have and so I developed one.

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  2. I have the highest regard for home-schooled children. The ones I’ve known can carry on an intelligent conversation with adults, meet people well, and have inquiring minds. Not every parent is suited to teach children, and I’m one of them. Any teacher hired by my school district would be preferable. Thank heavens when my children were in school, the moral values were similar to mine.

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    • There are great teachers out there. There are schools teaching g values and with the best for the kids in mind. Unfortunately there is the flip side too. Just like with everything else. Yes, I think our kids are wonderful in regards to having conversations with everyone. So are other kids. I find parents just need to stay on top of what is happening and not simply let go of the responsibility and shove it towards the school.

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  3. So much bad happened at school for me, like my wagging for months and school not even telling my parents, because i was a problem child that they didn’t want to deal with. There’s also more then just public school too, community schools are a different thing entirely too.

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