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“What do you recommend us to go see?” A harmless and yet so challenging question… I’m not a tour guide and therefor I really don’t know if I would give the best advice. I don’t even know “my” city well enough to give good enough pointers. Usually I start with all the things further away to then realize that I should mention things in the city… Here just a little peek of what I think is worth having a little look at in Melbourne…

Stroll along the Yarra River… my favorite time is when the sun sets…


Walk along the beach… (one of them…)


Check out the view of our city… and of course take a picture of our colorful “boxes”…


Take a tour of Melbourne Olympic Park…


Relax in one of the many parks…


And don’t forget to have a coffee (maybe with less chocolate on it…)…

13 thoughts on “Tour Guide

  1. Our ‘tours’ would always include the best chippy, the best chinese, the best coffee shop where you can take the dog and the best views.
    Here we have the beach to the left, the beach to the right (both excellent), a good chippy literally down the road and a brilliant coffee shop where Maggie gets a sausage. What was a decent chinese has changed hands and after one meal we haven’t been back.

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    • I was lucky enough to experience Toronto through the eyes of our friend who lives there. I think this is why we loved it there so so much. It’s great to see a place through the eyes of someone who lives there.

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