I don’t know how often we will write or read texts, articles, posts like this one here. Post in which we mention how bewildered we are about what has just occurred again. Statements we make about having enough, highlighting the fear, the anger, the numbness we feel. They pain we feel for the parents, the families, the friends who have lost loved ones once again. Maybe we even express our hope that now, finally, something will change, to then only realize that time will go buy, nothing will change until the cycle will begin again, from the beginning till the end with the same result.

Is it really that hard? Is the ignorance of the ones that can make a change really that big? Is the greed that strong? Can they really live with the fact that once again innocent people, children, have lost their lives?

I’ve always looked at the US in awe. It was the country where everything is possible. The big, strong brother everyone looks up to. What I see now is not even close to that picture anymore. And it makes me sad. But I’m also glad that my kids grow up in a society where they don’t have to go through drills in their school to learn how to hopefully survive a mass shooting. I’m glad that I live in a society where health care matters and is a thing. There are problems everywhere but right now I think that the USA has a massive problem. For years already. And when you tell me that the 2nd Amendment states that you can have a gun to protect your family then think about what gun people were talking about when writing the 2nd Amendment. Consider if you need an assault rifle to protect your family. If you feel you do, then go out there and buy a tank as well. And while you are at it get a rocket-launcher too.

We are have not even reached the end of the second month in 2018 and already the USA has seen over 20 school shootings. 46 days and 29 school shootings… you do the math… how on earth can we ever feel comfortable sending our children to school again. How can the kids feel safe being there? And let’s not forget about the teachers…

Today I feel sorry for all of you who have to live with this. My heart goes out to you. I know you will get up again tomorrow and do the same things you always do. You will head to work, your kids will go to school. And if you are lucky, where you work and where your kids go to school will be safe. The politicians will do their thing again. Talk a little bit about it. Express their condolences and then move on, cashing in and not changing a single thing. Because until it hits home it’s easy to ignore what a huge issue this has become…

9 thoughts on “Bewildered

  1. Thank you for your thoughts! A lot of us in America are so sick to the stomach about this and tired of all the crap we here about “my rights to own a gun!”
    What about my child’s right to go to school without worrying that they are going to be shot , all because of your right to own a gun!

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  2. Can you answer a question for me please? Someone I know that is for gun rights, is pointing to Australia as an example of why we need to keep our guns. They apparently got information that says that robberies and assaults have increased in the past year due to all the citizens handing in their guns, but the criminals still having them. Is that true? Do you have statistics at all that I could share with this person? I would really appreciate it!
    This is how the gun rights people win in America they scare everyone with what I believe are probably misconstrued facts!

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