A Face In The Crowd

There are some things that blow me away time after time. It’s being at an event, a sports event or a concert and seeing all those people there, enjoying it too. It amazes me how one person, one band, one singer, one athlete, a team can create such an energy. I often wonder how amazing, how energizing it must feel if you stand on that stage and see all those people in front of you. And while I think about it I realize that every single one of us are just that one face in the crowd. But every single one of us does their part to create the amazing energy we all feel…

11 thoughts on “A Face In The Crowd

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  2. Feels so good to be back 🙂 This reminds me of the tribute concert by Linkin Park last year, when the crowd picked up Chester’s part of the songs. That energy was profound!

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