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Sometimes I can’t shake the feeling that we live in a messy world. So much going on. School shootings, wars, pollution. And we are in the middle of all of that. Maybe we are paying attention to all of it. Maybe we are ignoring it. Maybe it is not getting to us because it’s not our family that got blown up. maybe it’s because the school where the mass shooting happened is not even close to where we live. And maybe our beach looks pristine and clean.

We are good with ignoring things that are not affecting us.

So we keep using the plastic bags that are floating in the ocean afterwards. We keep buying items that are package although it doesn’t even make sense to wrap them. We claim their are no options and yet they are. Just a little bit less convenient.

How did we let it all get so messy. Why are we in a solution where so many people are shocked and tired of it but nothing is been done. Why do people speak up but then shut up again. What are we leaving behind? And I’m very selfishly not even talking about the far future but simply only for my children and maybe theirs. That’s how far I go.

There are solutions out there. Solutions to get in control of mass shootings.

Solutions to get the pollution under control. Solutions for clean energy.

I’m not sure if there will ever be a solution in regards to wars. But do we really want to see kids suffer and die? Is selling weapons so much more important than seeing kids run around in the parks and streets, laughing and playing? Will there ever be a solution to get greed and this silly chase for control and power under control?

It’s a messy world. But it’s also a beautiful world and we need to make sure it stays that way. Make sure that they beauty will be nourished and conserved…

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