4cm Are Not Much

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It’s been a year since I wrote about the slightly disturbing fact that my son was only 4cm shorter than me. I agree, I’m not tall. But back then it seemed quite mind buggling that he had already almost reached my height.

Well, I can tell you know, that we are now much further than that. 12 months have passed and today I still don’t have to look up to him but when I put my arms around on his wide shoulders I realize that they go up and not down anymore. He is now almost 10cm taller than I am.

What can I say… It had to happen eventually and I’m sure glad he will not stay shorter than I am. But, boy, does it make it real! He is growing up!

I still remember him taking his nap lying on my husbands forearm just like a sloth would lies on a branch. He fit on half of an arm, his legs with his long feet and his arms dangling on the side.

Today I can’t carry him anymore. His voice is so deep that people mistake him for my husband when he picks up the phone. His shoulders are wide, his body has changed. He is still goofy. He is still sweet, he is still caring, he is still the smart person he always was. Just no longer a boy. No longer my little boy.

I’m proud of him. So massively proud of him. I watch him in his training probably embarrassing him as I’m the only mom watching (no wonder all the others are adults…). But I’m still his ride, so I think I have a right to watch still. And I hide in a corner, read a book and secretly watch him. I hear the others telling him how well he’s doing. I see them knock him around and him doing what he is supposed to do and push back. I see how much strength there is, how much determination but also how much control, oversight and respect he has for everything and everyone.

I watch him with his sister, who is still a little girl. I watch how he plays with her, how he speaks to her, how he helps her. How he is there for her. Yes, they argue. But they are a little team.

We’ve entered another chapter in this game that is called parenting. I chapter I’m getting used to. A chapter I look forward to experiencing. A chapter that brings up new questions and new challenges. Is it scary? A little bit. Just like all changes are. But it’s exciting too. And as I said: I’m one proud momma and I know that wont change that easily…


9 thoughts on “4cm Are Not Much

  1. Yeah it sure can be a difference when they grow up. Maybe next like yours has become taller then me and is about to start driving on his on 😱. We can just hope we did well in bringing them up.😊

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  2. When my son, at age 14, hit 6 ft tall (1.83 meters if I did the math correctly), I knew there was no looking back. ^_^ His final height is 6’4″ (We’re a tall family) which is nearly a foot taller than me – I’m 5’5″ (1.60 meters, again if I did the math correctly, which is not a given). The hardest part, I remember, was keeping him in shoes!

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      • I have three daughters and two of them are taller than me. My oldest is the same height. She’s not happy — being the oldest and the shortest. ^_^


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