Are You Happy?

I think that’s so true. Maybe asking someone if they’re happy almost feels like a too personal kind of question? It feels like people would think you’re going too far as saying that you are happy or not is very personal…

But because today is today I just give it a shot: Are you happy?

25 thoughts on “Are You Happy?

  1. That’s a large question… Maybe that’s why we don’t ask each other that question often. I’d say I am an overall happy person. But the beginning of the year has been a little rough on me, and I had my struggles. How about you, Momma? Do you consider yourself happy?

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  2. I agree with you, people would wonder why they are being ask this question. I think how are? how was/ is your day? are more appropriate questions to ask. If you are able to start a conversation then it could lead up to the Are you happy question. I’m sure many would lie just to change the topic too.


  3. I do, yes. We’ve had tremendous ups, and we’ve had devastating lows. But survived, and thrived, I think, through it all. It’s not a perfect life by any stretch, but it’s one I cherish daily.

    As for asking someone if they’re happy, in terms of like small talk? I wouldn’t do that, no. It is a very simple question….but with an individually complex answer. That’s a question you ask a long-term friend or sibling…or even a spouse. But not a stranger. Besides, a small-talk question usually gets a small-talk response. I doubt few, if any, would actually give an answer consisting of more than an “Absolutely!” or an “Of course!” anyway. πŸ˜ƒ

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  4. Today, I’m content. I think the question has the potential to be a loaded one, and we don’t always have the capacity to deal with a negative answer (since most people seem to need to help “fix”), thus the reluctance to ask. I’m glad you did ask today. πŸ™‚


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