#atozchallenge – A for April

April used to be a special month when I grew up. It used to be the month school holidays were in and with that (in my mind) spring officially started.

It was also the month in which normally the yucky moody part of spring was almost over but at the same time the month that could bring you a what I call t-shirt day followed by a day with heavy snowfall. There was a saying in Swiss that April does as it pleases and sometimes I think Melbourne is just like April in Switzerland, but all year around.

Now April makes me still happy. Not just because my birthday is in April but because it’s officially fall. And fall is my favourite season. It’s the season of calm, of closure. The season energy gets drawn insight and a circle is about to close. It’s the crisp air, the different shade of blue sky, the more gentle rays of the sun. It’s the colourful leafs and in Melbourne the greener grass.

While I love the long summer nights, I also enjoy the shorter days in fall. There is something about it. Something about the darkness at 6pm. It almost feels like you’re encouraged to slow down. Something we all need from time to time…

8 thoughts on “#atozchallenge – A for April

  1. Fall! In April! I love the fall. But I also love the waking up after a dark winter and having longer, warmer days. I didn’t realize you were doing the challenge! I’m so excited that you are! 😀

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  2. I have friends who live in Canberra now and we have talked about coming for Christmas so we will be there during the summer. Maybe next year… I like the fall in the US also. We live in East Texas so it is a nice reprieve from the hot summers although you will never hear me complain about the heat. I love it hot! ❤

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