#atozchallenge – C for Cee’s Challenge

… or the Share Your World Challenge. Cee is amazing. She poses questions after questions for us week after week. And by answering them we share our piece of world with everyone. Now please excuse me for the way this post comes across and I promise I will edit but I’m posting from my phone right now and the app is sort of… well, let’s say temperamental…

While I’m typing this I think about how “small” the world can be nowadays. It’s so easy to stay in touch with someone you randomly meet and like. Just a couple of years ago it took so much more…

So here are Cee’s questions for this week and my answers:

What was or is your favorite cartoon?

I always loved the Road Runner although now, thinking back, I find it pretty brutal…

Which cooking utensil (other than the usual pots and pans etc) would you miss the most?

Oh, wow, that’s a hard one… does a coffee machine count? Maybe my hand mixer? Other than that definitely my frying pan and the kettle. Otherwise I think I could play along with whatever is around…

Would you dare to sleep in haunted house overnight?

Oh hell no! See that’s the kind of stuff I don’t deal well with. Do not give me ghosts!!! Not in the way we think about them!!! No Poltergeist, please!!!



What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

Right now I appreciate not having to stay in a Poltergeist house! Oh my! That really creeps me out! So excuse me when I say that I focus on the sunset for now and really appreciate the beauty of nature…

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