#atozchallenge – F for Found

Isn’t it a great feeling when you finally found what you were looking for? No matter if it was the chocolate Easter eggs you hid a year ago, the fireworks or sparklers you bought for last years NYE, the dress you so desperately wanted for a discount, the rare ingredient for your dish or the love of your life. In any case you end up feeling happy.

You feel happy because you found that one thing, that item, that puzzle piece. You found the missing link. You found that one piece…

Recently I walked over some pebbles. In a way they were all the same. Same color, same kind of shape, same material. And yet so different. Different in size, weight and maybe in shape. I looked at them and wondered what makes us pick that one. The one piece we thing we want to pick up and take along? What makes us feel like we found the one piece?

And it’s the difference that speaks to us. Even if they are similar they all speak “a different language”. They call for us. And so we pick the one that is right for us. Even if others don’t understand why. Because we found the one. We found each other…

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