#atozchallenge – J for Jerks

Yup! Momma uses the jerk word. And I’m not talking about jerk chicken or the spice today. Nope. I want to say something about jerks. Because they are out there. And although I really like people and always want to only see the good in them some of them are jerks. Right?

Like the one who physically attacks his teenage nephew who stands up for his aunt while she gets verbally abused.

Or the one who reaches out to a woman under falls pretense to try to meet for coffee and then wants to have sex with her. After all she agreed to meet.

Or the one who was lifted into way better positions in a company by his friend although he simply wasn’t cut out for the job but then backstabs his friend and gets him fired.

Or the one that cheats on his wife for years but lives from the salary she brings home.

Then there is the one who says one nasty word after another to someone until that person feels like they are not worth living anymore.

I bet you could add on to this list. Because we all know at least one jerk out there.

So please: Don’t be a jerk. Be better. Be kind. Be honest. Be fair. And make sure we are not suddenly surrounded by jerks but by wonderful people. Just like with Yin and Yang it needs both of them. But I for sure hope that it will be at least balanced.

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