#atozchallenge – Q for Quote

There are thousands of quotes out there. Inspirational ones, motivational ones. Some that bring tears to your eyes and some that make you laugh out loud.

I love quotes. I often share them and sometimes they inspire me for a post. While most of the time my reaction to a quote is to start thinking about what was said and take out of it what I need in that moment, there are also the rare moments I think “wow, what utter bs…”

In cases like this something I often heard growing up pops in my mind: Paper is patient. It basically accepts everything we right on it. So we can put out what ever we please. No matter if it’s meaningful or not, no matter if it’s true or not.

While I do think this can be a good thing (after all it’s a free dome we have), I also think we really need to think long and hard about what we say or write and also about what we take for a grain of wisdom. Has Albert Einstein really said that? Did Mother Teresa make that quote?

In the end though: Does it really matter who said it, as long as it is a kind thing, a good thing?

In the end the one thing that is important is that the quotes move us and hopefully help us grow. Just remember to question every now and then if you did not already know that little bit of wisdom before you read it and took it on board just because someone famous has said it…

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