#atozchallenge – R For Reaction

My daughter plays soccer and her favorite position is being a goalie. I admire her for this. I believe it takes a lot of guts to play as goalie no matter if it’s in ice hockey or soccer. Or any other sport where you have a goal keeper.

Not only do I admire her for being brave enough to be the last line of defence, but also for grabbing the ball while it’s still in play, out of the many feet trying to kick it hard enough to get it past her.

And then there is her reaction time.

In some games the defense does such a great job that the goalie basically has no work at all. It’s then when staying focused is hard. Because the game can turn around. Suddenly. And then the attacker storm towards the goalie, keen to score. It’s a guessing game. Where will they try to kick the ball to? How hard will they kick? Is there another pass? Will the player kick from the right foot or the left one? Lift the ball or not? And then it’s all about how fast you react. When is the right moment to go forward, further back, try to get the ball?

A decision has to be made and the reaction has to follow right after. Hopefully it will be the right decision and a fast enough reaction…

goalkeeper GIF

6 thoughts on “#atozchallenge – R For Reaction

  1. My daughter (aka “lost it” vs “broke it’) also played goalie. Given that, I shudder to think how much more “absent minded” she’d be if she’d chosen another position. It was a non-competitive recreational league, so I also shudder to think how “thinner” her “skin” would be if she’d chosen another position!

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