#atozchallenge – U for Unicorn

No, I’m not on the wine again. Actually it’s morning here while I type this and I’m having a coffee. So blame it on a coffee. But I want to write about unicorns because unicorns are magical and wonderful.

You might think that’s all nice but unicorns are not real. And you might be right. But then I wonder: Do we really know that? Can we be 100% certain?

While we think we have our planet all figured out, there are still spots that we have not been to. There are places we have not seen yet. There are parts in the Amazon nobody has been to, mountain tops nobody has conquered yet and areas of the ocean that are unknown to us still.

So how can we be certain that some magical creatures don’t exist? How can we claim we know?

Some might call it crazy but I refuse to stop believing in magic. I refuse to stop believing that there are creatures our there we have no clue about. I believe in magic. I believe in the unknown. I want to see the world with the wonder of a child. I want to be able to imagine the fairies and unicorns out there. Because it puts a smile on my face. It’s a good thing. A beautiful thing. And while our world is beautiful as such, there is a lot of not-so-nice out there too. We need a bit of magic in our life…

Image result for unicorn

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