Blast From The Past – Obstacles

Life always presents us with some obstacles. It’s just the nature of it. And it’s good. It keeps us on our toes and it keeps us growing. I’m enjoying a smooth ride at the moment which was long overdue. I know that eventually there will be some sort of challenges coming up and so I try to gain as much energy and knowledge to be able to ride them out as comfortably as possible. Today I’d like to share a Blast From The Past about obstacles with you. I hope your obstacles are the kind of challenges that are fun to overcome. Keep your eyes on the horizon and just keep swimming πŸ˜‰

I love the picture they chose to underline the statement. All those little obstacles, the incline in one way and the smooth, straight path on the other side. A crossroad and we have to make a decision which side to choose. We all know that this represents life. Everyone’s life.

See, I don’t believe that there are people out there who never encounter(ed) obstacles in their life. It’s just not happening. And yet with some it seems they had a smooth ride all along and will always just simply cruise along. But that’s only that one layer we see. We really have no idea of what lies underneath, where and when they faced their struggles.

What we do see are survivors (if you want to call them that). People who did not give up and kept going. People who trusted in their abilities and in overcoming their obstacle. What we see is someone that did not let the obstacle be in the way. Someone who found a way around, under or over it. Maybe even someone who looked at the obstacle as a challenge and not a wall.

Can limitations and obstructions push us forward in our creative work?

Of course limitations, obstaclesΒ  can push us forward. In our creative work but also in life. But only if we look at it in the right way. As long as we look at it as limitations, as an obstacle we will not see the challenge and the chances that come with it.

Did you know that Oprah was fired from her first reporting job at the age of 23? Imagine she would have given up rather than pulling through! Stephen King was working as a janitor and living in a trailer when he was 24! J.K. Rowling was a suicidal single parent living on welfare when she was 28! Samuel L. Jackson didn’t get his first movie role until he was 46…

I’m sure they thought about giving up. I’m sure they felt fed up. I’m sure they wanted to throw in the towel. But they all kept going…

When you face the obstacle, when you look at the steep path full of roots and rocks and holes, it might exhaust you. It might scare the hell out of you. It might make you cry and push you to the limit. It might feel as if you are about to go over the edge.

And in that moment it’s not easy to calm down and to try to see the other side to it. The adventure side that it brings along. The challenge it offers you. The chance to prove yourself something that comes along. All those things are there. We just need to take that moment to change the way we see it. We need to stop and take a big breath.

Sometimes the path that look less inviting will actually lead you to the much better place with the much better view.

House of the Sun – Haleakala Sunrise by Inder Wakwah


Inspired by the Daily Post Discovery Challenge – Obstacle and Daily Post Daily Prompt – Crossroads

11 thoughts on “Blast From The Past – Obstacles

  1. I would totally choose the path on the right. It’s the one less travelled. There are so many success stories from people who were once floundering at the bottom. Steve Jobs. Keano Reeves. Thanks for the remind that one day my day will come πŸ™‚

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  2. Such an incredibly important topic, and you are so very right… all these little obstacles that stand in the way make us so much stronger. It’s hard sometimes to approach life that way, because we allow these things to stab at our egos. But those are wonderful examples you listed (I actually didn’t know that about Oprah!). I always loved the story about Stephen King’s wife, who pulled the manuscript for Carrie out of the garbage. She read it, loved it, and gave him the courage to pursue it, despite the fact that he had already received so many rejection letters.

    Thank you for this ❀

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